Monday, 8 February 2010

oops! I did it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it was like this...........You always know it's not going to be straightforward when it starts that way. I HAVE AN ALIEN FINGER, at least that's my excuse. Picture the scene, 1am in the morning, can't sleep, nothing on TV, flicking through Ebay, browsing fabrics (you can see where it's going now can't you ?) Before i know it i'm the owner of 20 mtrs (that's right, 20 mtrs) of upholstery fabric!
One minute i'm watching it and the next my alien finger has bought, and paid, for it (do you think there's any chance my husband will believe that one ?) It's not that it won't come in handy (someday) more the fact that if any more fabric turns up the grandsons may have to sleep in the shed when they stay as their bedroom is the overflow storage from the sewing room(and do i mean overflow). So i have made a decision. From this day forward the alien finger will be called Debbie, the dodgy digit, that way if (when) it happens again i can look my husband in the eye and say with all honesty DEBBIE BOUGHT IT!

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