Sunday, 7 February 2010

Are you bored yet?

Well, i've gone and done it, my first attempt at a blog. Hope i don't bore you to death on my first attempt. For as long as i can remember i seem to have been a magnet for waifs and strays, especially cats, hence the name 'The stitching witch' (everyone i know thinks i must have been a witch in a former life) and i love sewing. At the moment i have 1 cat, Smudge, 1 dog, Tilly, and a lovely husband called Stephen although at times it feels like i have 3 kids instead.
We all live in a cottage beside a canal, i work evenings at the local YMCA (the waifs and strays theme continues) and my escape from all things mundane is my sewing room (or Julies emporium as my husband calls it, if it's needed it's probably in there somewhere!). I'm a self confessed fabric addict and tend to accumulate remnants that i convince myself 'will come in for something' but end up stacked in piles waiting for inspiration to strike (maybe one day!!!!!!)

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