Sunday, 21 February 2010

If i see another damn chicken.......

If i see another damn chicken i swear i'll scream. I made the mistake of knitting a couple of fluffy chicks, the kind with the creme egg shoved up their bum!, for the grandsons. First it was Syd(8), "Nanna Julie, can you make 2 for my girlfriends?"followed swiftly by "can my girlfriends have some too?" (Lenny, 4). Not too bad in itself you might think but then it happened.
Syd (the really thoughtful, helpful one) decided that it would make all the girls in his class very happy if they could all have one too, and yes, Lenny had to have the same.
So here i sit, sewing beaks on these (30+) chickens while cursing the day i started knitting them in the first place.

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