Friday, 12 February 2010

Is it just me?

I love where i live. The view from the front window, especially in the summer, is great. We can sit and watch all the barges going up and down the canal, the people on them wave as they pass, the ducks and swans come to be fed, all in all i can't imagine a better view. So why are we about to move, you may ask? Yobs, Hooligans, Louts, Idiots, call them what you will, the outcome is the same, they seem intent on making everyones' life miserable.

In the 12 months we have lived here our van had its tyre slashed whilst parked on the street, my car was written off whilst being stolen from the drive, we have had items stolen from the garden and the downstairs corridor, eggs, snowballs and heaven knows what else thrown at the windows. The worst thing was our window being put through by a drunken yob at 2am one Saturday morning (although we were the lucky ones that night as he also wrecked 3 cars, 2 vans, another house window and wrote a car off further down the street, all on his way home! and only got charged for the one where the owner had photographic evidence of them doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!), which makes me ask: Is it just me or has the world gone mad?

Do these people have no parents, no sense of right and wrong, no conscience? Do they think it's fun to damage peoples property, have them laid in bed on a night listening for the next installment of their mayhem, climb up on their cars and jump from one to the other while their friend takes photos on their mobile (latest episode at 3am this morning) I have 2 grown up boys and they never did anything like that because they WERE taught right from wrong, they realised that actions DO have consequences and most of all they were taught RESPECT. The latter being what seems to be lacking most these days.

Anyway, rant over, i am now resigned to the fact that nothing i can do will change the mentality of these (people) so in the interests of a quiet life i am moving to a quieter area,( although my dream of living in a field with no neighbours is just that, a dream) and hopefully a place where i can have a good nights sleep for a change, although i will miss the view!

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  1. It is awful that you are being forced to move from your home because of idiots. Bad times.