Wednesday, 26 January 2011

It's been a long, long time...........

Well. it's been a while.........In the past 12 months we have moved house, Husband is taking early retirement! and i have got greyer and more decrepit. The house backs onto a river (see a theme there?) so husband can go fishing, is nearer work for me so that i can walk instead of using the car (i'm full of good intentions) and a bit smaller than the last one. I still have my sewing room (should be a dining room, but what the heck) and the majority of my fabric is still in the spare bedroom, although i'm sure there's a bed in there somewhere!!!!

We still have quite a big garden with a long veggie patch and room for the chickens (so i can still attempt my 'Good life' dream although very small scale) and i have spent the autumn making jams and chutneys to store in my pantry. I've never had a proper pantry before and rather overdid it, using all the blackberries and apples from along the riverbank, so i have my very own jam mountain at the moment (it keeps the relatives and neighbours happy though as i keep giving it away).
I really loved the previous house but it is so quiet here, the neighbours are great, we can take the dog for walks along the river and canal and best of all.....I can still send the husband off fishing when he's getting on my nerves..............

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